"The connection she’s forged with M.I.A. and Nicki Minaj, however, represent something more than just a couple of cool guest spots. Their performance together at the Superbowl was a mirror image of the Britney-Christina outing, with brown-skinned women in the daughter position this time (and brown-skinned men delivering music in the clutch, from LMFAO’s DJ-ing to Cee Lo’s gospel wail). Some have questioned Madonna’s employment of artists who are stars in their own right as her support staff — the rapper Busdriver tweeted, "Apparently that was the sequel to ‘The Help.’""
Ann Powers on the tangled web of Madonna, as pop provocateur and cultural-gran-mere to MIA. All this fuss’ bout a finger really outs us as the puritans we are, no? Or maybe Lana’s SNL showing has turned everyone hungry for drama, everyone channeling their inner Brian Williams (outrage!), adopting some GEE WHIZ moral code when the pop star does exactly what we want her to, what we lust and beg for her to do—some playacting, some charged maneuver, hipshake and a wink. It’s a given, how we orient ourselves to the sexy pop star, position changing slightly based on her race and what we “understand” as her motivation (is her come-on real? which kind of rich person is she?).